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Finding Peace in Stillness: A Journey of Healing, Faith, Self-Discovery, and Embracing the Present Moment (Ep. 1)

Welcome back to the Loud Whisper Podcast! Kicking off this brand-new season with a powerful and personal episode, your host Isabel Draughon takes you on an intimate journey through her recent experiences of health challenges and a life-changing surgery.

In “When God Sits You Down,” Isabel opens up about her partial hysterectomy last September, a moment that forced her to slow down and confront the stillness she had been avoiding. This episode is not just about her surgery; it’s a profound exploration of the lessons learned in solitude and stillness. Isabel shares her struggles with physical rest and the deeper, often uncomfortable, emotional and spiritual truths that surfaced when she had no choice but to sit with herself.

From the fears and challenges of her recovery to the unexpected peace and growth that followed, Isabel’s story is a testament to the transformative power of stillness and faith. She reflects on how this experience reshaped her perspective on health, femininity, and the strength found in vulnerability.

Join us as Isabel discusses the importance of self-advocacy for women’s health, the societal stigma around our bodies, and the beauty of sharing our stories to empower and support one another. This heartfelt episode explores the profound journey of finding stillness and the transformative power of solitude. Listeners are reminded that in a world driven by the relentless pursuit of the next achievement, true fulfillment comes from within.

By trusting in God’s plan, embracing solitude, and appreciating each blessing, we can find peace and joy in the present. This episode is a powerful reminder to stop the constant chase, celebrate our accomplishments, and create room for growth and self-discovery.

Whether you’re facing a challenging time or simply need a reminder to pause and reflect, this episode is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Subscribe, share, and dive into this season’s journey of healing, faith, and personal growth.


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