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Is the Way You’re Working Really Working?: Productivity Hacks and the Art of Getting Things Done (Ep 34)

What are you tolerating in the way you work/live? How is that impacting your life? What would you like it to look like if you changed the way you operated in your work/life? What are you willing to do to get what you want?

In this episode of the “Loud Whisper” podcast, we are thrilled to welcome productivity expert Wendy Ellin to the show. Wendy’s extensive experience in the realm of productivity, coupled with her passion for helping individuals transform their work and life, promise an engaging and enlightening conversation.

With over two decades of experience in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, she has honed her expertise in unlocking the secrets to peak performance and personal fulfillment. As a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Wendy’s insights have impacted countless lives, making her the perfect guest to guide us towards a more productive and balanced existence.

Throughout this episode, Wendy shares valuable tips and strategies that can revolutionize your approach to work and life. You’ll discover the art of effective time management and how to break free from the shackles of procrastination. Wendy will delve into the importance of prioritization and show you how to regain control over your to-do list. Her advice on enhancing focus and minimizing distractions is invaluable in today’s fast-paced, hybrid work environment.

But the benefits of this episode extend beyond mere productivity. By embracing Wendy’s wisdom, you’ll not only supercharge your professional life but also find more time for what truly matters outside of work. Wendy’s holistic approach to productivity emphasizes the profound impact it can have on your overall well-being, relationships, and personal satisfaction.

Wendy is a coach who addresses real-world challenges that people face daily. These challenges encompass a wide array of issues, including excessive clutter, email overload, punctuality (or lack thereof), realistic expectations for task completion, responsiveness, reliability, and the tendency to over-commit.

So, whether you’re an executive looking to optimize your team’s performance, an entrepreneur seeking work-life balance, or simply someone who wants to make the most of every day, this episode is a must-listen. Wendy Ellin’s insights will empower you to transform your work habits, reclaim your time, and achieve a harmonious blend of productivity and fulfillment.


Connect with Wendy Ellin:

Website: https://www.wendyellin.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wendy_ellin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wendyellin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wendy.ellin/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendyellin/

Get a 30 minute FREE breakthrough session: https://calendly.com/wendyellin/grab-a-chat-with-wendy?month=2023-09

Join Wendy Ellin’s 3P Academy: https://www.wendyellin.com/3p-academy/

Order Wendy’s Working-From-Home Amazon #1 Bestseller: https://www.amazon.com/Working-Home-Hows-That-You-ebook/dp/B08JZJ686R/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=wendy+ellin&qid=1601156066&sr=8-3

Email: wendy@wendyellin.com

Work with Wendy: https://www.wendyellin.com/work-with-wendy/

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