Loud Whisper Reignite your Voice Women’s Conference

Do you ever feel like you are screaming for help on the inside and no one hears you because it comes out as a whisper? You are not alone. 

About this event

This is a conference for you if you are ready to embark on the journey of self-discovery.

LOUD WHISPER REIGNITE YOUR VOICE is on a mission to empower, inspire, and guide as many women as possible to reignite their voices.

I work with professional and entrepreneurial women who are experiencing burnout, exhausted, disempowered, depleted, unfulfilled, and feeling disconnected from their soul’s purpose.

  • Awaken your soul and deepen your relationship with yourself.
  • Network with 100+ women under the same roof on a similar journey as you.
  • Expand your consciousness so you can thrive in life and business.
  • Discover tools and strategies to help you embark on self-discovery, find your voice, own your story and connect to your true self.
  • The ability to step into your power. “Come home to yourself!”
  • Create a purposed filled life filled with peace, joy, and FREEDOM

Slow down. Your emotions are valid. But you know what, you can shift the trajectory of YOUR life. YOU have the power to change your life and become the author of your life story.

Find Peace with who you are and freedom to be who you are. Come and join 100+ women under one roof, embarking on the journey of self discovery. 

The event goes on from 8am till 3pm.

Why should you attend:

  • Listen to qualified speakers to enrich your mind, body and spirit.
  • Network with 100+ women under the same roof on a similar journey as you.
  • Workshop with experts to find exactly “who are you”.
  • Walk-away with transformational tools to use in your daily life.

* Continental Breakfast & Lunch Included.

Conference Pricing
Early Bird: $149
Full Price: $179

Date and time
Sat, September 10, 2022
Breakfast served from 8:15-9AM

Abbington Distinctive Banquets
Butterfield Road
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
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About Our Speakers

Isabel Draughon Life Coach

Isabel Draughon
Founder, Loud Whisper Reignite Your Voice
Transformational Life Coach

Dr. Laticia “Tish” Thompson, PhD
Founder and Chief Business Psychologist
Legacy Blueprint

Sara Goggin Young 
Life Coach

Lavada Humphrey
Founder and CEO

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Loud Whisper Reignite Your Voice Women’s Conference
Abbington Distinctive Banquets
Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


Loud Whisper Reignite Your Voice is on a mission to empower, inspire, and guide as many women as possible to reignite their voices. I work with professional and entrepreneurial women who are experiencing burnout, exhausted, disempowered, depleted, unfulfilled, and feeling disconnected from their soul’s purpose. To become more connected to themselves, move to higher consciousness, and discover who they can evolve to become, which is the best version of themselves.

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  • Exclusive access to women – business owners, high professionals and entrepreneuers with 5-20 years experience
  • An audience that wants to invest in business and professional services
  • Self-Development and leadership advancement for your employees who will attend the event

How does your company sponsoring our loud Whisper conference benefit you?

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Isabel Draughon

Isabel Draughon is a Transformational Spiritual Coach, Author, International Speaker, and Founder of Loud Whisper and the Loud Whisper Reignite Your Voice Podcast. She specializes in guiding professional and entrepreneurial women who, despite their success, are suffering in silence and experiencing burnout, depleted, unfulfilled, and feeling disconnected from their souls. Her passion is to serve women, help them reignite their voices, move through their trauma, and come into a state of consciousness to become authors of their own life stories so they can create a purposed-filled life filled with JOY PEACE, and FREEDOM.

With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Isabel is also the Co-Founder of VizX Design Studio, where she specializes in developing, implementing, and maintaining business strategies. Her core strength is in consumer relations, business operations, and marketing. Her passion for business development and understanding the intersection of the private sector’s ability to stimulate company growth inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Isabel keenly understands the inner workings of business relationships, which increase company profitability, and raises brand awareness and consumer satisfaction.

Dr. Laticia "Tish" Thompson, PhD

Dr. Laticia (Tish) Thompson, PhD is the Founder and Chief Business Psychologist of Legacy Blueprint, LLC, a management consulting firm that teaches people how to play respectfully and productively with each other in the workplace sandbox. She is known for driving change in organizations that stick and creating a learning experience that’s fun, thought-provoking and capitalizes on the knowledge in the room.

She earned the coveted title of best-selling author for her personal story called, “I Am Not My Hair.” Just the title alone makes you curious. She delivers content in the areas of leadership, change, organizational culture, and self-discovery. She is a TEDx Speaker and her talk is entitled, “I Am… Bold, Bald and Beautiful.”

What inspires Tish professionally is working with organizations across industries that understand the power of getting things done through people and have an appetite for building the best organizational culture possible to make it happen.

Sara Goggin Young

I am broken and beautiful.

Until I finally owned both of these terms and poured love within I was just broken. Life is full of challenges, some people seem to have more than others. Challenges bring about the biggest growth, if we allow the growth to occur.

I am here to show you a way to be able to walk through your challenges, own your life, and come out the other side. Imagine…..standing tall, feet firmly planted, shoulders rolled back, arms outstretched, palms facing the sun, chin raised, eyes wide open, and your heart as full as possible because you are everything you always dreamed you could be.
I have had the trajectory of my life taken from me two separate times. I know pain, I have suffered, and been a victim. I have self-medicated and used all the wrong methods to try and become whole. I spent ten years fueling my body with drugs and alcohol until I found sobriety. After fourteen years sober, the trajectory of my life was ripped from underneath me a second time. This time, it was my marriage. Walking away from everything I had built with my two babies was possibly the hardest, most brutal time in my life.
I made a decision to step into my greatness. Today, I fill my life with goodness. I choose health and wellness. I pour love within me. I fuel my body with premium nutrition. I move my body. I have changed the negative dialogue inside my head. I lead with my heart. We thrive when we get out of our heads and connect with our souls. I celebrate myself and have designed a life of my dreams. Every single goal I set, I accomplished. I started racing again and own a Pan Am Masters World Record! My life is BRUTIFUL – all the beautiful and brutal moments melting together. I feel alive and present today.
You see, we create our story and usually we get stuck in these stories that don’t serve us. When I learned how to get out of my head, connect with my soul and empower my life, I started to thrive. I changed the direction of my life. It is possible to let go of the stories and create your very best life. This is what my story has evolved into, the desire and the skill set to coach you into creating your very best life.

Sara Goggin Young grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago where she excelled in athletics and academics, at Oak Park River Forest High School. Sara was nominated Co-Captain of the Women’s OPRF Swimming Team. After leading OPRF’s Women’s Swim Team to win the State Championships, Sara went on to attend Arizona State University on an athletic scholarship. Her Junior year she suffered a traumatic knee injury that should have ended her athletic career. Sara proceeded to fight and came back to swim her last year, leading the ASU Women’s Team to their highest win in the PAC 10’s, as Co-Captain her Senior year.

Not achieving her expectations of swimming at Olympic Trials and a dysfunctional childhood led Sara down a path of destruction. The next 10 years were filled with pain, self-medication, and addiction.

Yet, she still managed to attend and earn her Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School. She went on to pass the Illinois Bar Exam. Finding sobriety eighteen years ago, was her first step in letting go of her “story” of not being enough. Building a family and raising two children was the next step. Until it wasn’t. Finding herself in a toxic marriage, Sara decided to start her life over.

So, she did. The life she always dreamed of began seven years ago. Sara created her new story, filled with healing, health, wellness, spirituality, and self development. Overcoming the pain of her past, Sara has chosen to become a LIfe Coach to help others achieve the same freedom. We have one life to live. Choose wisely how you wish to live it.

Lavada Humphrey

LaVada D. Humphrey, is a born communicator whom believed as a little girl, one day her passion for people, leading and speaking would be used.
She is the visionary and founder of PureRising Group. LaVada is an intentional activator using her voice as an Transformational Speaker and Professional Development Strategist. LaVada uses her experience to help others lead, transform and elevate their life.

She has 20+ years of professional work experience; starting her career in the financial industry (banks & credit unions). Her purpose is to serve others by facilitating self-discovery, playing and leading from their strengths to add value, alignment and authenticity in the marketplace. LaVada holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Her mission is to facilitate daily ‘aha’ moments taking you on a personal and professional growth journey.