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Love You More Part 2: Healing the Past, Inspiring the Future, and Transforming Pain into Purpose (Ep 29)

In the highly anticipated conclusion of this powerful two-part episode of “Loud Whisper,” we continue to delve into the profound journey of Toye Penny, a remarkable high-achieving woman who bravely confronts her past traumas to discover healing, self-discovery, and purpose. Having experienced childhood trauma and profound loss, including the untimely passing of her mother and navigating teenage motherhood, Toye’s life journey has been a testament to resilience and strength.

As we pick up from where we left off, Toye courageously opens up about her transformative realization and the pivotal moment of self-awareness that ignited her path to change. Through her enrollment in a nutrition and lifestyle school, Toye unravels the profound impact of childhood trauma on her actions and relationships, giving her the impetus to break free from unhealthy patterns and begin a journey of self-discovery.

In this emotional continuation, Toye passionately emphasizes the importance of liberating ourselves from external validations and wholeheartedly embracing a journey of self-love and wholeness using her ground-breaking “Love You More” method. 

Having successfully emerged from her journey of healing and self-discovery, Toye culminates her experience by creating The Love You More Method – a luxury self-development and well-being program specially designed to guide high-profile women and leaders towards inner transformation and balance. The method, featured in this episode, focuses on helping CEO moms and celebrities reduce their mental load, prevent health breakdowns, and model well-being for generations to come.

Don’t miss this compelling episode as we uncover the significance of healing the past, leading by example, and forging a profound legacy that continues to inspire generations. The conversation further delves into the significance of acknowledging and healing our true stories, ensuring we do not carry the burden of unresolved pain and heartache, thereby positively impacting our own lives and those of our loved ones.

Join us once again in this emotional and empowering episode as Toye Penny continues to offer powerful insights, addressing the masks we wear and the far-reaching impact of healing unaddressed trauma on personal relationships. This journey of self-love, wholeness, and profound impact on the world around us is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

Connect with Toye Penny:

Website: https://www.toyepenny.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_toyepenny/?hl=en

Facebook: www.facebook.com/toye.penny

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/toyepenny

Join the Luxe Academie Waitlist: https://www.toyepenny.com/luxe-academie

Join the Love You More Movement Community: https://www.toyepenny.com/contact

Schedule a Session: info@toyepenny.com

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