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Mental Health Awareness

If someone says, “How are you doing?” is your immediate reaction, “I’m fine” even if you’re not? I completely understand – I’ve been there. You want people to *think* you’re doing great. It’s one of the unfortunate side effects of the social media era. You see all the happy, fun things people are doing. You see their accolades and awards. You, too, want to show that you are that fun, happy person.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Social media doesn’t always show you what is really happening in someone’s life. You see the flashes of good times, not the days of mundane life. Never ever let social media dictate what you should be doing in your own life.

It’s okay to say that you’re not okay! You need time to process your feelings. Or you may just need ‘me’ time. This past weekend, my heart was full because I had all my children home. It was wonderful to be with them, but we celebrated Mother’s Day a day early so I could have Sunday to myself. You know what I did? I slept. I journaled. I was still. My body needed it. My mind needed it. It felt wonderful. That was what I needed.

How can we keep from getting overwhelmed? If I asked you, “What is your mental health checklist?” Do you have one? 

I encourage you to review the status of your mental health regularly. I’m not suggesting you need a retreat or intensive process. Start by asking yourself these questions and really be honest with yourself.

Are you getting a good night’s sleep? It’s not just about the number of hours, but the consistency and the quality of sleep. Consistency, meaning getting the same amount of sleep each night at about the same time – whatever works for you. Quality, meaning looking at the sleep disruptors. Kids, work, life, sleep apnea, menopause (yes, I said it!).

How stressed are you? Remember, not all stress is bad. Stress may come with challenges that you put forth for yourself, like a new job or career, welcoming a new baby, planning a wedding, etc. But it has to do with how you are coping with that stress. If you can’t process the stress, it may manifest itself as an unexplained medical symptom, such as headaches, digestive issues, or binge eating or drinking.

There is a simple process to help you identify and deal with stress.

  1. Name it: Identify the stressor
  2. Claim it: Be responsible for the stress. Only then can you move on.
  3. Tame it: Identify ways you can reduce the stressor.
  4. Reframe it: Identify what you can do to keep this stressor from negatively affecting you in the future.

How is your tribe? Are you building relationships? It’s so important to have social support – your tribe – to help you through the tough times. The group of people who are your sounding board when life gets tough. It means being authentic and vulnerable with people; showing them your true self. But don’t forget to follow up with them. What are they going through? How can you help them? 

I encourage each of you to spend a few minutes each day or a couple times a week reviewing your mental health checklist to see how you are doing. When you do this regularly, you are choosing to put your mental health first. This will benefit you in all aspects of your life.


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