Journey to Self

The most important knowledge you can obtain in life is knowledge of Self.

I am a proud and blessed mother of 3 beautiful souls, a wife and an entrepreneur with over 15 years in business. I am the Founder of Loud Whisper Reignite Your Voice and Co-Founder of VizX Design studios an Outdoor Living Design Firm located in Naperville, IL.

I have been on a journey to understand the true essence of myself over the last 4 years. In hindsight, this journey began when I was approaching my 40th birthday — I felt a stirring within me and in my gut, I knew I was on the cusp of change for my life. I know it’s a cliché for people to feel this way as they face the BIG 40 but I didn’t see it coming, my life was on track: a mother, wife, and entrepreneur — on the surface, my life was perfect. That was true in many aspects, however, like many other women, there was another side to my life that was buried and it was one that I would never share with others. Even more so, it was a side of me that was brewing right beneath the surface, so much so that I couldn’t fully grasp what it was. As women, we are somehow programmed to go out into the world to excel in a career, nurture our children, and oversee the running of the household — we are not really taught how to balance our lives, reach out for help, surround ourselves with a support system and we get lost, losing our identity. This neglect results in a ‘breakup’ with ourselves as we journey through life — we become actors instead of participants that are fully immersed in life.

All that had been brewing beneath the surface started to creep into my life. I would often find myself feeling unworthy, lacking self –esteem, confidence, feeling undervalued and to my surprise, I also had to confront a lot of hurt and pain from experiences as an adolescent and even as an adult. I found myself asking fundamental questions on my identity: who am I? What is my life’s purpose? Why do I feel so much hurt and pain? Why do I feel as though I am not good enough? What are my dreams? How do I even begin to attain those dreams? Aside from being blessed with the greatest purpose in life of being a mother, there was a nagging ache in my belly telling me that there was more to who I was and I kept pushing through to discover what it was.

At the age of 19, right before the birth of my son, a gentle, older woman told me I was gifted with discernment. There was no way my maturity level could understand what she meant at the time. Upon reflection, I realize that my discerning nature coupled with my curiosity kicked in and allowed me to unpack the experiences of my past unraveling at times raw emotions that numbed my being. Discovery of self can be a painful journey that requires you to face your truth — I had to name the hurt, claim the joy and accept that the sum of my experiences played a part in the person I had become.

I am grateful for the process that keeps unfolding and has allowed me to live my truth. How did I do it? I began with prayer and journaling, I read a number of books on authors like Marianne Williamson, Brené Brown, and most recently Michael Singer including listening to Ted talks, Podcasts like Super Soul Sunday, Les Brown, and numerous others, practicing yoga, being still and most importantly, I made a commitment to myself that it was time for a change. Bit by bit, little by little the layers started peeling off, the deeper I went into knowing myself, the more outwardly I began to live. I started to feel free, free to love myself more and others around me, I started to see value in
myself, I could see my worth. I also released the impact and power of how other people’s opinions and thoughts about me crowded my mind. The best part is that the self-doubt is disappearing, I trust and believe in myself and most importantly, I have wrapped up all the parts of me, flaws and all, with love.

My purpose lies in my story. I believe my experiences in life have not been in vain — — they were for me to help other women find their voices and authentic self. We have dreams, we are born with and for a purpose, we want to be heard and we also aspire to make a difference in the world. This has led me to where I am today, on a mission to empower young girls and women.

My message today for girls and women out there is, YOU are not your past, YOU are not your pain, and YOU are not your disappointment or your circumstances. Know that you are ENOUGH, SMART, INTELLIGENT, RESILIENT, COURAGEOUS, and you can achieve anything you put your mind too. This is our time to make an impact in the world. Don’t allow your past or current circumstances to stop you from starting, take small steps and start now; don’t wait until life is perfect because you will never start. Define your future, turn your life challenges into your purpose — — it starts and ends with you. Ask yourself today, who am I? Who was I created to be? Find your purpose, everything you need, you have it in you. I stand with you.

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I’m here to tell you that you are enough.

There aren’t any missing pieces. You don’t need change, you need transformation in your mind, body, and soul. Success in life comes from the inside out. Let’s walk through the journey together!