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Reveal Your Superpowers and Crack the Productivity Code (Ep 21)

Discover the secrets to peak productivity and a fulfilling life in this electrifying episode of Loud Whisper. Join Isabel as she sits down with the incredible Lisa Zawrotny, founder of Positively Productive Systems, LLC, and a master of productivity and accountability coaching. With certifications in positive psychology, stress management, and time management, Lisa revolutionizes the way you approach productivity.

Prepare to be inspired by Lisa’s remarkable expertise in helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs thrive in both their business and family life. She equips you with practical steps to turbocharge productivity, prevent burnout, and achieve a sustainable balance. As a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and featured guest on over 90 podcasts and virtual summits, Lisa’s impact is recognized by prestigious organizations like the American Institute of Stress and the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.

Beyond productivity, Lisa’s passion for music, diverse interests, and firsthand experience as a wife and mother inform her approach. By prioritizing your strengths, values, and unique personality, she guides you to work smarter and happier. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth as Lisa shares invaluable insights on banishing burnout, managing stress, and embracing a fulfilling life.

Get ready for an extraordinary episode filled with actionable techniques and Lisa’s infectious positive energy. Join the productivity magic spell cast by Lisa Zawrotny. Tune in now to transform your approach to goals, work, and personal well-being. Don’t forget to explore the additional resources, including the Positively Living Podcast library, training opportunities, and personalized coaching services offered by Lisa. It’s time to live a life of purpose, productivity, and unbridled joy.

Connect with Lisa Zawrotny:

Website/Blog https://positivelyproductive.com

Listen to Lisa’s Podcast – Positively Living Podcast: https://positivelyproductive.com/podcast/

Get The Multi-passionate Toolkit – a collection of the worksheets Lisa uses with her clients to start their personalized productivity path: https://positivelyproductive.com/

Lisa’s Facebook Community: https://facebook.com/positivelyproductive

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/positively_lisa

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/positivelyproductive

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/positively_lisa

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