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Unlocking Your Mind’s Potential to Heal Through Un-Doctoring and Communication: An Authentic Journey of Re-discovering Your True Voice (Ep 18)

In this captivating episode of Loud Whisper, we delve into the fascinating world of mental health and human connections with our esteemed guest, Dr. Fred Moss. Join us as we explore his groundbreaking approach that challenges traditional diagnoses and medication. Through thought-provoking conversations, Dr. Fred reveals his journey of empowering patients to reclaim their lives, ultimately reshaping the conversation around mental illness on a global scale. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the transformative power of embracing our humanity. 

Dr. Fred Moss is a renowned psychiatrist and mental health advocate with nearly four decades of experience in the field. Graduating from Northwestern University Medical School, he has consulted with patients, practitioners, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, and community groups. Driven by a commitment to shift the global conversation on mental illness, he offers services such as mental health coaching, speaking/consulting, telepsychiatry training, and expert witness testimony. 

Lovingly known as the “un-doctor” he spends a large amount of time “un-diagnosing” people so that they can be free from the binds that traditional mental health and medical practice has placed on them, showing that there is always hope and that no diagnosis or mental health disorder or trauma has to be a permanent life-sentence. 

Dr. Fred’s innovative approach challenges traditional diagnoses and medication, focusing instead on empowering patients to reclaim their lives and their true voices. His work centers around the exploration of mental illness and mental health definitions, fostering transformative conversations. As the founder of Welcome To Humanity, he continues to inspire through his podcast and authored book, Creative 8: Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression.

Don’t miss this extraordinary conversation with Dr. Fred Moss.

“My commitment is that each and every person will know that their voice is heard – that who they are & what they do matters.” 

–Dr. Fred

Connect with Dr. Fred:

Website/Blog: https://welcometohumanity.net/

The Healthy Healer Podcast: https://welcometohumanity.net/healthy-healer-podcast 

True Voice E-Course: https://www.truevoicecourse.com/

Get Dr. Fred’s “Find Your True Voice” Book for FREE: https://findyourtruevoicebook.com/

5 Steps to Re-Discovering Your True Voice with Podcasting – Free Download: https://mailchi.mp/2b5171de2091/true-voice-free-guide-free

Get the “Creative 8: Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression” Audio Book: https://welcometohumanity.net/creative8

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Contact Dr. Fred directly: drfred@welcometohumanity.net

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